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Chris Keithan aka "Mr. Gym": Buy

The Mr. Gym Band - Movin' 2 Music - CD

The "Movin' 2 Music" CD is finally here!!! The new album has 14 original movement based songs that will get kids ages 3-8 up and jammin'. It was recorded and mixed by Ray Morant at Monster Lab Studio in New Britain, CT. Official release date is June 1, 2012. The CD is being sold for $12.00.

Please email if you would like to have Mr. Gym mail you out a copy of the new "Movin' 2 Music" CD. Shipping and handling is an additional $3.

Freeze Dance CD

The Freeze Dance CD was professionally recorded and mixed at Trod Nossel Studio in Wallingford, CT in August of 2008. It was mastered by Frankford Wayne studio and manufactured by Oasis CD. It is made up of 6 songs that are based on Physical Education Standards, theory, and knowledge. It focuses on PE concepts and skills such as freezing, body identification, speeds (fast vs. slow), levels (high vs. low), and locomotor movements (walking, running, jumping, & hopping). The CD is being sold for $7.00 at shows.

All songs and lyrics were written by Chris Keithan.

Chris Keithan - vocals, guitar, djembe, and train whistle

JP Vargas - producer and human instrument on Knee Slappin'

Benjamin Golder-Novick -saxophone on Freeze Dance

Tyler Keithan - vocals on Alphabet Jammin'

Chris Sellas - Studio Engineer

Sara Zinn - Photographer
Download songs for 99ยข
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Order this CD directly from Mr. Gym through the mail for $10.
Chris will personally sign and mail the Freeze Dance CD to you. Shipping and handling is included in this price. Email Chris for details and order form.