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Chris Keithan aka "Mr. Gym": Bio

Chris Keithan aka "Mr. Gym" is a certified PE/Health teacher who performs original movement based music for kids. With over 15 years of experience working with elementary age children, Chris is able to connect with his audience, who become active participants of every performance!

Mr. Gym strives to motivate children to lead a healthy, active lifestyle and educate them about personal fitness and the positive effects it has on the body. Through his songs & lyrics, Mr. Gym is able to incorporate the importance of physical activity while having fun!

In 2008, Mr. Gym released his first solo CD "Freeze Dance". In 2012, The Mr. Gym Band released a second CD called "Movin' 2 Music". Mr. Gym has played over 400 shows in CT, MA, RI, & NY.

NEW in 2016...THE MR. GYM SHOW!!! Mr. Gym has teamed up with his son who will be making guest apperances at various shows.